a few things of note

1. Today is Demoree's bday! Love you & hoping for a great year for you :)

2. I don't know if y'all realize this, but I have been on a post-every-single-day streak for quite some time now. Like since... *drumroll*... MAY 19th! I kind of fell into it because I had a backlog of photos and wanted to try to catch up. Previously I had posted most days but sometimes every other day-ish. But then I got all obsessive about it to the point that if thought about skipping a day it felt like I was ruining this BIG THING. So I decided I would keep it up til the end of 2012, and then I would be allowed to skip a day here and there whenever I had to or just wanted to... aka, now I don't have to feel anxious and disappointed in myself if I BREAK THE EPIC STREAK.

3. I just love this song. It's one of those that I've heard throughout the past several months but fell in love with recently and now can't stop playing on repeat. Isn't it amazing how people are still coming up with new songs that have such simple chords and melodies?

4. Season 3 of Portlandia premieres today! Haha, which means nothing since I don't have actual TV channels... just Netflix and Hulu. But I'll watch it somehow soon! The clip above is definitely one of my very favorite sketches from the show. It's about a company that only sells bad art to coffee shops. I think of it and laugh every time I go to Panera, ha.

Happy Friday! Go out and play!


demoreeann January 4, 2013 at 9:08 AM  

THANKS! :) i love that picture of us. we look super cute.

also- i HAVE noticed that you post every day and i've been so impressed. i really appreciated all the photos and videos you post- makes me feel like i'm *kind of* there! :) it's ok if you take a break though-- i won't be disappointed b/c i'll be even more excited about the next time you post.


just mom January 4, 2013 at 3:23 PM  

I completely agree with Demoree that you both look SO SUPER CUTE in that photo together!

The second photo caption made me laugh out loud. :D Where did baby Violet go? She's almost all grown up!

I never heard of Portlandia, but it sounds really funny. :)

I also appreciate all your photos and videos and your very humorous and creative captions. Feel free to take a break now; it will just make us hungry for more. :)

Love you!

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