a couple christmases

Well, we had a nice white Christmas this year! And our holiday engagements continued with (of course) good times with our families.

On Christmas Eve, my fam came to the holiday service at church and then we went to dinner and opened presents at their house.

Violet pre-church service, in which Mike encourages her to hug a complete stranger. Violet got all shy.

My parents showed us a kinnnnda over-decorated house in a nearby neighborhood.

There was a house across the street a few doors down that was equally ridiculous. The video gives you a better idea than the photo does.


Violet got a dollhouse, which has become her new obsession.

And my brother got us photo albums of both Violet and hilariously another random baby.

The next day we drove out to Grandville to visit Mike's family.

Violet enjoyed handing out all the gifts.

Violet also enjoyed playing with all the gifts. New safari-themed legos! She loves them.

Yay, we actually got a decent photo of the three of us!

After presents and stuff, we had to bust out some oldies from Mike's childhood board game stash! Then we drove home, just the two of us. Yep, we had a little parenting vacation, while Violet had quite the vacation herself- constant attention and fun 24/7 for a week!


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