two! part 2

Sorry, I put like zero effort into editing these photos... Things have been overwhelmingly busy, but I still wanna keep up with what's been going on.

Here is the second part of Violet's birthday day! After a day of fun with mom and dad, we went to Pizza House to eat and hang out with friends.

She was super excited to see everyone.

And then there was the food... Yumz.

She got a couple cards & gifts (a $2 bill from Matt & Rachel was especially appropriate)

Then it was time to break out the cupcakes! I didn't have time to make anything, so I swung by Kroger and what do ya know... Sesame Street cupcakes! The little characters were actually little plastic rings, so everyone got an awesome keepsake of their delightful evening.

Frosting lipstick!

She was so tired out by the end of the day. But she kept saying "HAPPY DAY HAPPY DAY" to herself the whole ride home.


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