two! part 1

I have held off on Violet birthday photos since there are HUNDREDS and it is very hard to narrow them down into a manageable amount for a blog post or two... or three or four. We had two days of celebrating- one on her actual bday with mom and dad and close friends, and the other a week or so later, at a party with family.

Here are pics from December 6th, her birthday day! We spent the morning and afternoon together, just the three of us. Mike was able to take work off, so we opened presents and went to Jungle Java.

She received a few presents in the mail in the days leading up to her birthday, so we saved them to open all together. Then it was time to open her present from mom and dad.

It was a Raggedy Ann doll! It might seem like an ordinary doll, but when I was her age I absolutely loved my "Annie". I scoured Etsy to find a vintage handmade one that looked like mine.

She loves it :)

We also had fun pretending that we were unwrapping Zooey.

Then we went to go play! I let Mike take her up in the play structure because I get claustrophobic (sometimes I still think about that time at the zoo, as seen here. Aagghhh).

Somehow he convinced me to come in, but I only lasted a couple minutes.

I got out of there via slide. This is a really high, fast slide. But it has these flat parts that slow you down to a stop, so you have to inch along to get going again. (Aaaaaghhhhh)

We came home and there were a couple more cards to open that had come in the mail.

Hours of entertainment! No, seriously...

And then we all just spent some time together before we went out for a birthday dinner with friends! Coming soon...


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