the best things ever (right now)

This brand new music video from She & Him (because the song is lovely & this vid is kind of amazing)

This advent calendar (because it's awesome & you can print it for free here)

This photograph (because Amelia Earhart sure can rock a leather coat/boots combo)

These nails (because this color combination pretty much rocks) via Nylon Mag

These glasses (because even though Karlie Kloss would make anything look great, the glasses themselves are adorablez)

This outfit (because Taylor hit it out of the park from head to toe)

These leggings (because I am so into bold patterned legs these days) via Nylon mag

This photograph (because the use of light is lovely) via Brittany Markert

This photograph of James & Liz (because I love candid photos of celebrities hanging out at home, even if it is a "candid" photo of celebrities "hanging out" at "home")

This model from the etsy shop Three Bird Nest (because the combination of her hair/eyes/skin colors and her makeup is so pretty)

This comic (because it is the story of my life. I'm still waiting to receive a backlog of copious medals & trophies) via Invisible Bread comics


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