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I promised lots of Violet birthday posts, so you're gonna get 'em. The night before the family party, we had a few things to do to get ready. I wanted to make some cute little signs to put up and other heartsy thingies for her cupcakes.

Mike endured the process of hanging the tissue paper puffs again (a liiiitle more to the left... no right... okay pull the string higher... now lower...). I had saved them from last year.

Violet helped me make the cupcakes, and the next morning it was frosting time! I never really know what color frosting I'm gonna end up with. My method is just keep adding food coloring until it looks interesting. And I thought that even if it ended up looking dumb, at least hopefully the cute toppers would distract enough.

It was fun to see her reaction when she got up that morning and saw all the puffs. ("FLOWERS. FLOWERS.")

Violet was busy playing while I was taking care of bday business.

Meanwhile, I finished the cupcakes. Let's just say that I frosted a couple each time I adjusted the color.

People were showing up soon, so it was time to get Violet into her pretty party dress and get a nice photo... which is not very easy these days.

Annnnd there we go! What a sweet little girl. PS: I sewed that dress! :)


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