party on, part 2

This girlie was ready to party. We celebrated with dinner, presents, and cupcakes, but since they were traveling from the other side of the state, Grandma and Grandpa came early to spend extra time with Violet.

And speaking of cupcakes, I finally finished decorating them. After the colored frosting, I put on sparkly sprinkles and the cute toppers. They were heart and star cut-outs of colored paper and Dr. Seuss and Curious George book pages.

Violet wanted to see how she looked in the photos.

After we did tonsss of work preparing a bunch of kabobs, Mike grilled them up. Yep, grilled... In December. Hey, it was a special occasion! And it was kinda awesome to have yummy grilled food again.

Meanwhile, the decapitated reindeer head enjoyed hanging with the group.

Gommy, Poppy, and Uncle Chris showed up and Violet was overwhelmed with attention and fun times.

The punch I made for Thanksgiving was so yumz, I decided to make it again.

This is pretty much what it takes to get a smiley photo out of Violet these days.

Violet loves to pray before meals!

Here is Violet's portion... Although she ended up mostly eating raisins.

More to come, duh.


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