flashback: merry killmas

Hey readers! I thought it could be cool to do a flashback to an old post once in awhile, so here is the first. It's time to make your Christmas playlists, so check out my, um, favorite Christmas songs...

What is with depressing Christmas songs? When you buy the following albums they should include a free extra-large bottle of painkillers and a spiked egg nog chaser because you'll pretty much just want to end it all after listening to these sappy numbers.

"Christmas Shoes" - Newsong

Song Plot: Destitute child's shoeless mom is pretty much dead.

Greatest song moment: When the contemplative little-boy-sung chorus starts, of course. Honorable mention goes to the key change.

"Same Old Lang Syne" - Dan Fogelberg

Song Plot: Guy runs into love of his life who all but admits she married the wrong guy. Drinking and crying ensues from both parties.

Greatest song moment: The end of the song is pure perfection, from the slowed down tempo to the jazzy saxophone solo. Not to mention the very song title is all SEE WHAT I DID THERE I'M CLEVER.

"Santa I'm Right Here" - Toby Keith

Song Plot: Homeless child leaves a note for Santa on the street because he's afraid Santa won't find him otherwise, which was confirmed by his own father.

Greatest song moment: Hard to say... I guess all the sultry country twang moments. And the part where he earnestly begs Santa to give his dad a job as a freaking part-time elf, pretty much.

I do have emotions, by the way, for any of you who are now thinking YOU'RE A HEARTLESS MONSTERRRR. Show me a photo of a baby kitten snuggling a baby bunny snuggling a baby otter and I'm tearing up like a baby.


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