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It was time to get down to the Christmas business. And Violet was able to "help" this year!

We had to make sure the lights were still functioning of course.

Violet thought they were on fire, so she was on top of home safety and tried to blow them out.


Some of the lights weren't turning on, so Mike used some little doodad thingy that checks for electrical currents.

Violet helped with that too.

Then it was decorating time! My parents downgraded their tree, so I gladly took the old childhood ornaments. I don't believe in just buying a bunch of matching bulbs or something... For me, they all have to have character and personality and be all mismatched and stuff.

Here's a cutie one from the early days.

And it's very sweet to see Violet drawn to my old favorites. I loved this one and she now does too :)

My brother made this when he was four years old. Hopefully someday Violet will make something to replace it. This angel has had a lot of years in the spotlight and could use to retire.

I like to get a new ornament or two every year from Etsy or somewhere. The ceramic handmade "merry" and "peace on earth" ones were the new additions this year.


Grrr. Let's just say the water bottle has gotten a lot of use on this little beast.

For the first time ever, we put up lights outside! We don't have an outside outlet, but the cord fits under the door nicely.

We kept it simple and cute, but I'm really excited that we get to help make the neighborhood festive this year!


demoreeann December 13, 2012 at 11:38 PM  

beautiful! i have serious tree envy. we had to keep most of our sentimental ornaments in the boxes this year due to clover's obsession with taking ornaments off the tree and eating them.

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