a very livonia christmas

We had quite the festive day... First putting up Christmas decorations (as seen in yesterday's post), and then going to Livonia (and passing through a couple other cities) for the annual lightfest! It's a holiday tradition- I've been going since I was a little girl. Five miles of Hines Drive (kind of a mini freeway with parks along the sides and no stoplights for miles) has all kinds of fun light displays set up. Some are animated, and all are AWESOME.

We decided to make it very Livonia-y and go to Daly's for dinner beforehand. I was a waitress there when I was in high school. In case you can't tell, I grew up in Livonia. Anyway, after dinner it was time for the lights! You've got your typical Santas and nativities, but I bet you weren't expecting DINOSAURS. And dragons. And the fourth of July. And... well, just take a look.

It's always fun to go through the light tunnels.


It was super funz! At the end there's a building with hot chocolate and treats and Santa. Tune in soon to see pix of Violet's first experience with that one...


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