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Yeah yeah I know on Wednesday I promised you the second installment of Karen's Favorite things... But it turns out that doing tons of household chores including scrubbing down my kitchen cleaner than I've ever seen it and then making a whole Thanksgiving dinner for ten doesn't leave too much time to blog. And you don't even know how time intensive those kinds of posts are, dudes. YOU DON'T KNOW. Not to mention my part time job as an artist employed by a very particular customer. She demands that I draw her specific things, and what else can I do but comply? I am at the whim of her sweetness. By the way, it is not easy to draw a goat ("A DOTE").

So I thought I'd just give you some mini-vids of my favorite little girl. She likes to get her little stool out and help me in the kitchen. "STIR STIR. EGGS."

Dancin & hoppin in the Forever 21 dressing room.

I never got this old video off my phone until now. It's from a couple months ago when V insisted that we ride the double slide together holding hands again and again and again. Back then when we counted, she could only get to 2. In fact for the lonnngest time she only would count to two.

And then last week she was all like THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN. It was quite a leap. Anyway, we were excited even for just the "three", so the rest were just extra credit! All that to say, we were cheering her on when she said her own "ONE TWO THREE" in this video... and she was too.

Lastly, you know how sometimes you go to the club and then people are all dancing and then who knows what will happen next? Welp, turns out you gotta watch out for those wild & crazy Sesame Street residents.

Karen's Favorite Things The Second Installment coming... soon! Sometime!


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