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I had to prep the aromatics to stuff inside the turkey, which included dried rosemary and Italian parsley from my garden this summer. I love growing my own food.

Speaking of the turkey, it was time to get it out of the trash. Mmmmm.

Mike did all the gross stuff that actually involved touching the inside of the turkey, but I took it from there, starting with the seasoning and plentiful melted buttah.

Before the final flurry of pre-dinner prep, we took a bunch of family pix. It's amazing how, despite the fact that we are constantly taking photos, we have very few nice posed pics of the three of us. This is the first one since my birthday in March!

It was such a beautiful day outside! We spent the day with the windows open, which surely made the neighbors jealous of our cooking smells.

Like I said, plentiful melted buttah.

I whipped up some yummy lemon raspberry punch.

Mike made his delicious mashed potatoes. It was all about the buttermilk and butter. Seriously, there was butter all over this meal.

Mom helped with the gravy, which as far as I'm concerned is a crucial part of any good Thanksgiving meal.

The table was all set...

...And I put the final finishing touches on our meal. Conclusion coming tomorrow!


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