I got to see Sloan play their raddest record (and one of my fav records of all time) all the way through! And then a bonus full set! And then an encore of like 4 songs! It was great. And hilariously and inevitably everyone there was like my age and all looked like the kind of people that were into indie rock in high school and still are. Speaking of which, it was like a high school reunion of people I used to go to shows with.


Everyone was singin along.

The dudes in the band each write songs that they do the lead vocals for, so that means switching around instruments. People have a special place in their hearts for Andrew (the drummer)'s songs.

Clappin n dancin

Here are a couple good crowd singin along moments. Sloan was so happy that everyone knew the songs and was totallyz getting into it so much! Detroit is by far their best US city to play in (on account of Canadian rock bleeding into the area via Windsor). So yeah, it's fun to see a show where the band is really excited to be there!

We stayed out far too late and closed out the karaoke bar afterwards and got home at 3 and it pretty much took me days to recover. In conclusion, it rocked and a good time was had by all.


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