The chill isn't stopping V & me from our outdoor adventures! (Although, eventually the snow might...)

Yellow peppers are pretty much the only vegetable she'll eat.

I had my first Le Dog! It was yum.

Tappa tappin in Mommy's tap shoes.

Last colors, as seen from a window at work.

I call this "Tuesday School". It's when she's in a Sunday School room at the church where I work when I'm there in the middle of the week.

Bumpy cake ice cream?

Yes plz. (However, after she had a bite, she wasn't interested. Ah well, more for me!)

V and I went to vote. I think these signs cancel each other out- ?

*Nerdy Agricola moment* I had 13 horses which was 13 bonus points! *nerd moment over*

Good ol' Tuesday School again! She loves having allll the toys allll to herself.

Cutie leggings are cute.



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