pie pity party

So the fam was off to an annual awesome Thanksgiving party that our friends host. We always bring a crate o games so we can lol the night away while ingesting massive portions of turkey and all the fixins. Violet packed a few of her fav games and was ready to party in her leopard print skinny jeans.

I had signed up to bring pumpkin pie, so I made two of them. I made them at the same time, which required fitting them in the oven diagonally with one closer to the back. I pulled this one out and it looked wonderful.

This is some high-tech photoshoppery to illustrate how the second one turned out. When I saw it I was quite upset so Mike did not feel like fanning the flame by taking a photo. But yeah, it was black all over.

However, I discovered that only the visible layer of crust and pie were black and the rest was fine... So I did some crafty work chiseling off the blackened crust pieces and peeling off the leathery pumpkin.

Meanwhile, V was like CAN WE GO HAVE FUN ALREADY?

And I was like YEP. A lot of effort, a cookie cutter, and a whole buncha sugar made it look kinda maybe okay!

So then we were off! I was delighted when people said "Oooh! What kind of pie is that?" And then they ate it and were like "Oooh that's good!" And then I was like "Why do you keep saying oooh" and they were all "oooh I don't know what oooh are talking about."

And we all lived happily ever after.


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