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Violet was in the mood for a party! So we went to our friends Jen & Kevin's house to celebrate the birthdays of Jen and our other friend Ryan.

V was the life of the party. She had a lot of fun with their dog's Halloween costume. And now that I type that I realize that it may look like I am calling McLaine a dog. So let me be clear: dog not pictured.

She was a little social butterfly and loved running around and hanging out with everyone.

Then it was time to play a rousing game of Time's Up. Inevitably I got paired up with Jen, which was kind of hilarious. It's been this running joke that Jen is my least favorite yet most frequent Time's Up partner, on account of our previous history of failures as a team.

Violet collected and counted the cards for us ("ONE TWO ONE TWO")

As it turns out, we were kind of on a roll.

Violet always enjoys sticking close to McLaine ("A CANE")

Soon the game was over and we celebrated the victories. Especially since...

OMGZ JEN WON. It was quite the birthday gift! And now I can never complain again.

The losers reluctantly clapped for her triumph. It was fun though! And V got to stay up til 10 and she was bouncing off the walls with glee!


demoreeann November 19, 2012 at 10:39 AM  

that photo of jen celebrating is so great.

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