This title reminds me of that Dr. Seuss book and I only got to read Dr. Seuss books when I was in the waiting room of the dentist when I was a kid so I actually liked going to the dentist.

Anyway! It is November! But let's dally in October for just a minute or two longer. Here are some more pix from our Halloween party! We did that cool thing where you take the liquid from inside glow lights and pour it in jars. Also, Ciara and Brad brought some delicious bloody fingers. And I put candles everywherrrre so I could turn off the lights and make it spooky.

And now some costumes...

Spelling bee, bee keeper, and scientist.

Pacman, Mrs. Peacock, mummy, and Flo from Progressive.

Movie star, the red carpet, lamb, and shepherd.

With all those scary costumes, Violet found comfort in the arms of scissors.

Okay, you know we had to bust out Reverse Charades again (see previous posts about this game here & here). It was good times fer sher. [Mickey Mouse!]



The One Hour Photo part of Mike's costume.

Don't remember what this was (shoe?), but I included it because Violet was just so cute while we played the game... There were three teams, and she was committed to joining McLaine's team to act out stuff whenever it was specifically their turn. And by "act out" I mean "mostly just got in the way but still was just so cute that no one minded".

I enjoy the intensity of everyone's acting. Tim was like way into acting out a mosh pit.

Later on we did some other fun stuff.

Oh and of course we watched the movie! I was kinda worried that people would think it was dumb.

But I think the photo speaks for itself.

See you at next year's party!


mclainey November 1, 2012 at 2:21 PM  

i think the shoe one was athlete's foot. just felt the need to share that.

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