maybe i would have been something you'd be good at

This has nothing to do with the rest of the post. I just love it.

Anyway, let's start your week off right and give you a random assortment of a few songs for your playlist this week!

"Best For Last" - Adele

"Crazy For You" - Adele

Her albums are awesome of course, but I love her live performances... SO MUCH beautiful voice all in one person.

"Caught A Long Wind" - Feist

This has been my "driving home from something at night while alone in the car" soft jam for some time. I just love everything about it.

"As Long As You Love Me" - Justin Bieber

DON'T HATE. THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. Also, fun fact: Mike and I totally just watched the Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never. HE HAS HAD SUCH A JOURNEY TO THE TOP, YOU GUYS. Anyway, he totally is in his "2002 Justin Timberlake" phase- where he's moving away from exclusively the bubblegum-pop-pretty-boy-teen-heartthrob scene and people are now allowed to actually like his music because it is older sounding and oh yeah he actually is quite talented.

As I mentioned on my 1994 soundtrack post, one of my all time favorite albums is Twice Removed by Sloan. Well, they are doing a tour where they play the entire album front to back and then a buncha other songs! I am so stoked. Can't wait for Friday!

"Call It Off" - Tegan and Sara

"Closer" - Tegan and Sara

Next month Mike and I are taking in another evening of fine live music- Tegan and Sara and The Killers! Last time I saw T&S was with Paramore, and that rocked quite hard. I'm ready for round 2!

And let me leave you with this. Um, it's only an amazing-sounding two nights of live music that I wish I could transport myself to.

Okay okay one more thing- how about we just round this post out with another completely unrelated but awesome pic? Happy Monday!

This week's coming attractions: Violet trick or treating and a new little haircut!


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