ladybug picnic

There's a ladybug on the loose! Miss Violet had her first trick or treating experience this year. I didn't want to do the Margot Tenenbaum costume, so I was just going to make some ragtag thing. But then Mike and I were at Value World, and I came across this adorable costume for $3. Apparently Old Navy makes Halloween costumes, as the inside label informed me. I wanted her to be warm, so I added the leggings, which she already owned. Perfect match, huh? Anywho, it was super fun!

Our neighborhood is pretty scarce when it comes to people handing out candy, so we hit up some nearby neighborhoods that are known for being awesome when it comes to this kinda stuff. Violet joined some friends:

Little Anja the cute duckling.

And pretty Reese aka Minnie Mouse.

They were quite the adorable trio.

She did really well. She walked a lot of the time, but there were times we helped out those little legs. She couldn't say "trick or treat" very well, so she just said "TREAT". And then "THANK YOU" or just "BYE". Or she just stood there staring.

I've got a few more pix for you tomorrow, but I'll leave you with this image... One house on the block had crazy decorations and huge real pumpkins, and they let you come into the house. There was a guy dressed like Willy Wonka, and like a ridiculous amount of large candy bars, as you can see.

More cuteness tomorrow!

PS: Today marks only ONE MORE MONTH until Violet turns 2! Ahhh!


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