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Something I've been meaning to mention is I am sorry for some of the recent low quality pix. We have been on the go and sometimes only have our phones or little point & shoot camera. Or a complete stranger might be taking our photo, hence the one above with our closed eyes!

Well, anyway, on with the post! We went to this arts & crafts show, and there was a little area for kids to make their own crafts.

Violet had fun helping make some autumn-themed projects. And then later she got her face painted!

I picked out a ladybug.

Then she got shy, so we had to go with a red circle instead.

Afterwards we ate at Achilles.

And drank too.

Look at the pretty collage!

And I do declare that is the best looking turkey I've ever seen.

And with all that autumny stuff happening, it was about time I baked a pumpkin pie. The end.


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