favorite things part 2

The craziness of the Karen in Color favorite things (non-)give away continues!

Berkley Illustration animal prints [link]

These are seriously amazing and hilarious. I have bought a few as gifts now, and have been told many compliments from friends have ensued. Help an artist out and display an anthropomorphized animal portrait in your hallway.

Willow Lane Pumpkin & Cinnamon candle [link]

I consider myself a pumpkin-scented candle connoisseur, and I like these better than most I've seen (and, you know, smelled). I get mine at Rite Aid for almost half the price that it's listed on Amazon, and they even often have these buy one get two free sales! I mean, that's a lotttt of pumpkin goin on.

The Hunger Games DVD [link]

Okay, this is like duh. GREAT books, GREAT movie. Enough said.

Crocus bulbs [link]

Crocuses are like a light at the end of the tunnel. Just when winter starts to get really really annoying, and you're like OKAY can it be warm yet, these little guys sprout up from the cold ground. They're the first flowers you'll see, and even though they don't last long, it's worth it for the lil ray of hope for spring to come.

Belle Isle to 8 Mile: An Insider's Guide to Detroit book [link]

This is a brand-new release coming super soon. If you want to experience Detroit through the lens of a hipstery native, then allow three of them to guide you to the places you should go for good times. Support local business owners! The awesome people of City Bird are behind this super cool project.

Customized map button & magnet [link]

Okay, let's keep the local love a-comin'. Represent your city or a favorite place with a little button or magnet! My haul is pictured. I just love that ol' Michigan. And Etsy. Obviously. It's kind of an unhealthy obsession...

Recycled book journals [link]

Speaking of which, I am so loving this notebook. Mostly because it is a recycled, weird, old medical encyclopedia, and I get to carry it with me and use it when I'm at work! There are tons of options of different covers- Check out the link for more cool journals. You know, if you actually need to physically write stuff down somewhere.

Reached by Ally Condie [link], Dare Me by Megan Abbott [link], & Insurgent by Veronica Roth [link]

YA lit author + girl protagonist + dystopian society + heroic decisions + splash of romance = winning combo for a novel for young people... um, and me, apparently. (*ahem* Hunger Games...) I promise though that these will suck you in. And afterwards you can go back to reading the kinds of books you don't have to feel embarrassed about toting around. (FYI, Dare Me is actually a a non-dystopian dark mystery, but also came out this year and is geared toward and features the lives of teen girls).

Aardvark manifesto letterpress prints [link]

Okay, this is an obv. I've only mentioned the "Kill Your TV" print once or twice here on the blogginz. But check out the lovely selection of Aardvarkonsea letterpress prints at the link above and give your walls a little character. You have a little space available next to those animal illustrations.

Amani Ya Juu products [link]

Lastly, you have to check this stuff out. Amani ya Juu (“higher peace” in Swahili) is a sewing-marketing-training project for marginalized women in Africa. They are taught to handcraft & sew these products to earn a living, and meanwhile experience a supportive community with each other amidst bleak circumstances. There are so many lovely products to choose from. I featured a few favorites here, but go to the link for more. You're supporting an amazing cause!

Anyway, that concludes Karen's favorite things! Thanks everyone for indulging in my ridiculousness!

Hey, at least I'm probably not as crazy as this dude... right? Maybe?


demoreeann November 26, 2012 at 9:24 AM  

thanks for compiling the lists! i bet it does take a lot of time. well worth it!

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