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This was literally last week. I say that because look at HER OUTFIT. Now we don't go out without a winter hat and sweater and coat and layers upon layers. But way back then we decided to get a last dose of warm autumn Ann Arboriness. We did our usual Kerrytown thing- Farmer's Market, browse shops, walk around the neighborhood.

I always like looking around Hollander's. V loves it too- so many racks of cards to twirl!

After getting some cute little gourds ("DORD") at the Farmer's Market and a cool piece of paper I want to frame from Hollander's, we took a little stroll down the street. The other day Violet really enjoyed her grilled cheese from Zingerman's...

So I decided to splurge a little and get it for her again. Oh, and also because it was way past lunchtime because Mommy was a bit preoccupied with having fun. Oops.

A little refreshment for Mom while we waited for grilled cheese.

Sweet, ladylike Violet.

Silly Violet.

After our late lunch, we strolled past people closing up shop at the farmer's market.

And V carried her leftovers into the afternoon sunlight.

Coming soon- lots of photos with grey backgrounds and bundled up people until about May or so!


Mike H. November 2, 2012 at 7:17 AM  

the editing on these turned out great

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