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You know what gets a crowd riled up? That zany Oprah givin' 'em stuff. So I figured people would definitely have similar reactions if I did a "Karen in Color favorite things!"... Um, minus the actual "giving you stuff" part. But look how nice I am to tell you about the things that I like! Anyway, here is the episode of my 2012 favorite things (and some from not 2012).

Bronze glittered oxfords from Forever 21. [link]

These are awesome! And very holiday-appropriate, what with the sparkles and all. I've gotten a lot of compliments when I've worn mine, and you can too.

Subscription to Entertainment Weekly [link]

I love this magazine- it has all of the up-to-date info on movies, TV, music, books, and more, as well as candid interviews with the people involved in them. I have discovered new books to read, indie movies I otherwise wouldn't have heard about, and just plain more info about mainstream movies and TV shows I already really like.

Heartthrob by Tegan and Sara [link]

This album doesn't technically come out until January, but the first single "Closer" dropped a few weeks ago, and I highly recommend getting your hands on that one. I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of this. I'll probably get a sneak preview at their show in Ypsi at the end of December (opening for the Killers).

Twice Removed Deluxe Box Set [link]

I know I've gone off on the ol' Twice Removed diatribe a few times now, but check this out... It's like everything you could ever want- the original record on vinyl which has been out of print for over a decade, a book with really honest interviews about the difficult process of creating the album, and lots of demos and tracks that didn't make it onto the original album. Maybe someone who already owns it will lend it to me?

Silver tiny heart initial necklace [link]

I have this and I adore it. It's a sweet way to remember someone special in your life, like a certain adorable little girl I know. Plus, it's great to support an Etsy artist who handcrafts each one.

Silver stacking rings [link] & tiny triangle diamond ring [link]

Here are a couple more Etsy jewelry makers who know how to deliver delicately pretty pieces. I don't own either of these, but they are both lovely. The stacking rings look just like one of many jewelry pieces that were stolen when my apartment got broken into years ago (boooo)... I miss those!

The Walking Dead, Compendium One [link]

This is such a thick, heavy book, chock full of graphic novel goodness. The show rocks, so why not go to the source? There are more volumes that have since been released, but you gotta start from the beginning!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri [link] & Hot Topic nail polish [link]

Don't you hate how pale-colored nail polish doesn't have saturated color? It's like, okay I want yellow or lavender nails without having to gob on four coats. Sally Hansen goes on brightly with just one coat, dudes. Hot Topic is the same and has awesome colors (although it dries matte, so I normally put a top layer of cheap clear polish).

Warpaint Eye Kohl Pen [link]

Awesome colors for fun made-up eyes and face-painting, should the need to dress up arise. Let's face it, that is the story of my life... in my dream world. PS: This is now discontinued! So you either have to come over and borrow mine (I've got purple, green, turquoise, and silver!) or get it on eBay!

Breaking Bad DVD's [link]

THIS SHOW IS CRAZY GOOD. Come on, multiple Emmys can't be wrong! The acting is amazing, and the story sucks you in like whoa. If you have Netflix, pass on this one because 4 seasons are on there, with the fifth to come. The final season is coming summer 2013, which kind of makes me sad, as I am very impatient and also don't want this show to end.

Speaking of ending, I think I will cut off here. But don't worry...

...Part two is coming (when else?) on Black Friday!


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