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Mike and I celebrated our anniversary's 5th birthday. There were flowers & thoughtful cards & tulip/crocus bulbs & fun & love & stuff. Oh, and also...

this + this + this

...which equals THIS. Which also equals I AM AN AMAZING WIFE. I saw a picture of a chocolate covered frozen banana in Martha Stewart Living that had crushed reese's cups on it, and I though OH MAN Mike would love that. [Note to self: Actually READ recipe, as you might find useful tips to prevent another messy chocodisaster.] In the end, it turned out fine! And verrrrrry chocolatey, as you can see.

I made a wish. Maybe it will come true in 9 months? Anyway, that evening we ate some yummy dinner at Brahma's Steakhouse and then went to a "play" at the Arthur Miller Theatre, which was built after I graduated. This was the first time I was there, and it was an experience in more ways than one.

I had heard about this touring group that does these performance art-ish shows. There was actually this very favorable NYTimes article about the show we were going to see. All I knew about it was that it was going to be weird and experimental-ish and about death. So I was like, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MIKE. I also need to point out what this program actually says... Please look under the running time. I am not sure we have the same definition of "brief". And since we chose to sit in the front row, it turns out that "limited" was also a promise they couldn't keep.

It kinda felt like I was back in my old world for a bit... I was a theater major at U of M and like every day of class involved some sort of weird experience that I guarantee was not happening in any engineering or english class. Mostly awesome things. A few not so much. I once took a performance art class and for our final exam, no less than 3 of my classmates decided that nudity would be an integral part of their carefully crafted monologues.

Every "scene" involved a type of struggle between characters and ended with some sort of representation of death. Yeah, it was a wee bit vague. And yeah, this woman is riding a horse that is actually two guys being a horse.

Here you go if you wanna see some of it for yourself. I promise this will make no sense.

ANYWAY. The next day we had plans to get massages at RUB... which is kind of a hilarious and obvious name for a place like that. It was heavenly. (sorry for the bad pix... we actually forgot to bring a real camera to a lot of this stuff so this is grade-A phone quality)

Then we got brunch at Cafe Felix which was another deliciousss meal.

And since we were on Main Street, we went to some fun shops like Vault of Midnight and Rock Paper Scissors and Peaceable Kingdom!

Then after fighting a throng or two to make it home (turns out U-M & MSU have these football teams that play each other and a lot of people like to attend)...

...We went home for some chillin and board games. I mean, we had to try out the Agricola expansion! With horses! I totally had 8 which means 8 bonus points!

And this is why Mike and I are meant for each other. Here's to many more years of nerdy games, comic book love notes, and weird naked man performance art!


Mike H. October 25, 2012 at 7:14 AM  

For the record, I looked it up: "On November 30, Disney collapsed at his home. He was revived by fire department personnel and rushed to St. Joseph's where on December 15, 1966, at 9:30 am, ten days after his 65th birthday, Disney died of acute circulatory collapse, caused by lung cancer. The last thing he reportedly wrote before his death was the name of actor Kurt Russell, the significance of which remains a mystery, even to Russell.
Roy O. Disney continued out with the Florida project, insisting that the name be changed to Walt Disney World in honor of his brother."

just mom October 25, 2012 at 8:25 AM  

We're so glad you had such a great and fun anniversary celebration! We had a really fun extended time with precious, sweet Violet. We're also praying your anniversary wish comes true. :)

demoreeann October 25, 2012 at 9:30 AM  

Those chocolate covered bananas look really yummy. Looks like you had a really fun weekend! Happy 5 years! xoxo

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