a good cry

Rent or add these to your Netflix queue & don't forget tissues. Lots.

Dancer in the Dark... Seriously this is a brilliant, absolutely breathtakingly beautiful movie. It's also completely heart wrenching.

Melancholia... The sadness and suspense combined with the Tristan and Isolde score are crazy riveting.

Billy Elliot... There's so much emotion packed in this story of Billy's seemingly hopeless dream alongside the intensity of the local union riots that entangle his family.

Wendy and Lucy... You wouldn't think that a movie about a girl and her dog would be moving, but the solitude and tragedy Wendy experiences just breaks your heart.


Joseph Prestamo December 14, 2012 at 4:43 PM  

I just randomly found this post. Apparently we have the same taste in movies. I LOVED Melancholia and Wendy and Lucy!

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