Five moments among a million:

this. [engaged!]

and this. [oh how i loved that dress. so light & comfy... it was like wearing a nightgown]

and this. [a new little life inside me]

and then this. [so much love all for one little sweet girl]

and now this. [our family. i am so blessed to have everything i've wanted.]

What a life we've shared together in just 5 short years of marriage. Mike, I love you so much. Happy Anniversary :)


We were married in the absolutely beautiful Matthaei Botanical Gardens Conservatory in Ann Arbor. If you've been there, you might be a bit surprised that a whole wedding could fit in that space, but it was perfect for our small, intimate ceremony. Also, it was a gorgeous autumn day- colorful leaves everywhere, sunny, & 70 degrees- crazy for late October! Anyway, I managed to edit our ceremony down to 14 minutes. If you'd like to experience the loveliness, please take a look. My favorite parts are the times when Mike & I get the giggles. And when Mike forgets the line we were supposed to memorize when we exchange rings. It's super cute. Oh, and also the getting married part of course! PS: you'll have to crank the volume... we didn't have a very high-tech set up. :)


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