I love Halloween! Mike and Violet and I love to throw a party for our friends, so we have an excuse to all dress up and have great timez. And there was an awesome addition to the party- A film screening! For my birthday back in March, I convinced my friends to join me for a party that was actually a video shoot for a ridiculous "horror" movie. I thought it would be funny to write a script in which everyone was obnoxious (myself included) and gave me the worst birthday party ever. So please enjoy laughing at my expense! Or just cringing... I dunno.

I kept putting off editing it, but then I realized that our Halloween party would be the perfect time to finally show it, so I got my act together. So check it out, dudes! [Um, please excuse the weird audio partway through... and the random blurriness... and the fact that Youtube squished the image...]

Okay, onto our costumes!

Yeah yeah, Margot Tenenbaum is like SOOO Halloween 2002, but I had a twist...

First it required some serious sewing.

I think I did pretty darn good, considering I had no pattern! You might notice the coat is a little... small.

That's because Violet was a mini-Margot! See, it's still clever and cute when it's on a little one, right?

Simply adorable.

Like I said, Margot costumes are SOOO Halloween 2002. Like, the Halloween right after the movie came out? Because if you are cool you would have watched it then and thought of the costume idea on your own before the internet became inundated with people late to the party?**

**Extreme stereotypical hipster rant

But yeah speaking of costumes that have been done a million times over...

I was (a very cheap version of) Edward Scissorhands. It was funz. Please note the "hands" which I fashioned out of plastic scissors and knives.

And then of course I had to reenact moments from the movie.

Mike was every single Robin Williams character. Figuring out everything was like a puzzle! He represented Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Jumanji, Flubber, Good Will Hunting, Dead Poet's Society, Patch Adams, and One Hour Photo!

Before you go, you might be like "WOW that horror movie was simply excellent... But I want more. Especially more stuff like people breaking character and laughing and having to redo scenes!" Well, then this behind-the-scenes video is for you! Also, you can look forward to some more pics from our party coming soon.

Happy Halloween! Hope you get a chance to send out a small child into the night to gather candy and then steal it like we do!

hide it under a bushel


Okay, now that you're recovered from that, I also have some random pix of my sweetie for you. Sorry the photography is especially bad in some of these... Sometimes I just have my phone, or she's running around all crazy and I can't get an in-focus pic of her. Ah, life with a rambunctious toddler.

Walking down E. Liberty.

Nerd gaming with Daddy.

Don't judge my parenting. I do my best.

Blurry request for her new favorite "TORY".

Let me repeat: Don't judge my parenting. Fries are kind of a vegetable...?

Running all over the place... while lookin cool.

We didn't have the change to make it actually work, but just sitting on it was fun enough.

Looking down at fellow diners at the downtown Potbelly's.

Yes, she put the stickers and beads on all by herself. And, yes, she is watching TV too close to the screen again. I promise we go outside all the time and play and do non-TV things!

Okay, we're hoppity hopping out of here. See ya tomorrow!

farmer mommy

This little one has taken on a new job. She's got people to take care of and animals to tend!

She feeds each one.

And gives them hugs.

And of course gives them each a kiss.

And then it's off to bed!

It's so fun to see her use her imagination and play pretend! She sure is a cutie.

eyes & ears

Here's some stuff I've been listening to & looking at...

Check out my brother's band Water Cops if you wanna hear some great catchy indie pop! Chris (pictured top left... in the first pic. Not one of the old dudes in the boat) plays guitar and sings and writes the tunes.

They've got some mp3's and a 7" record (includes the mp3's with purchase) for sale for like pennies. Seriously, they're like giving this music away. Click on the link above to spend a few bucks to support local music & my bro!

I've been reading a lot of books lately, ranging from Pulitzer Prize nominees to ridiculous teen fluff. Ha, I think that actually sums up the spectrum-ness of my interests in general. I've also been checking out a bunch of different books about homeschooling from the library. Interesting stuff... There's so much that's good about it, but I just want to make sure Violet gets to interact with other kids a lot. But I love the idea of teaching Violet and doing fun art and science projects and going on field trips and the like. Anywho... we'll see! No matter what, we can always just take it a school year at a time. It's not like you're permanently deciding their fate for the next decade+.

Mike and I love to find documentaries, and we watched this one about people who compete in a tournament to be the fastest to complete New York Times crossword puzzles. Dude, when these people do the ones in the newspaper, they finish them in TWO MINUTES. Two minutes! Hubbawhaaa? The documentary was pretty similar to the other ones we've been watching recently, in that it involved people competing to be the best at a popular puzzle/game (Monopoly, Scrabble, etc). I wouldn't say that it was SHEER JOY or NAIL BITING SUSPENSE, but it was an amusing hour and a half. And of course it has inspired Mike and I to do lots of crossword puzzles!

Anyone read any good books or listened to good music or seen any great movies lately? Let me know!

still comin

Well, I just had too many cute pix from that day (see yesterday's post), so I had to show you some more. Violet was just so adorable in her little cardigan, and the day was so lovely.

Violet likes to play by the "TOP TINE"

It was so windy that it wasn't too hard for Violet to help remove the leaves from the yard.

Then when Daddy got home, she requested a reading of The Three Bears.

And you know I had include a silly sleeping pic. She was plumb tuckered out from all that fun.

keep em comin

Beautiful fall days in beautiful Ann Arbor. V & I enjoyed being outside all day. First stop, the Wednesday farmer's market and shops at Kerrytown. I ended up getting a vintage orange scale at Found because, well, I felt like my home needed it, of course. It was just too pretty to resist.

Next up was lunch at Zingerman's! Some of the staff at work got together, and lunch was all paid for- woohoo.

Violet loved her grilled cheese and milk (the latter was quite shocking... Maybe because it was Calder Dairy milk?)

Then it was time to go home and mosey on inside for a nap. First the pumpkins needed a hello pat.

And then later back outside to play!

Such pretty days we're in (alternated with grey rainy chilled ones too, of course)!

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