work & play

It's never too early to put the little one to work! (Or "work", as the case may be)

She's such a great bowl rinser.

I'll miss seeing these cutie little feet all the time when the cold weather comes.

Whoa whoa can't miss anything.

We work hard, but we play hard too.

We haven't really gone out and done anything that costs money lately, so it was fun to splurge a bit and go to Coldstone Creamery for some major yumz.

I like to keep things traditional, but Mike always makes me laugh with his ice cream choices. He got pumpkin custard with gummy worms mixed in... gah.

For some reason, Violet was also fond of this terrible concoction. I have a weird family.

Side note: We happened to be sitting near a couple (ahem, maybe one of them is in this photo...) who seemed to maybe be on a first date. Isn't it funny how you can just tell by tone of voice how well people know each other? Maybe it's also something about how many silences there are. That's one nice thing about being close with someone- you don't have to fill every second with chatter and polite expressions.

Mike said I look like a chipmunk... (?) I mean, I get that it's not my best photo. Dude, I just really like ice cream.

Quality video here. Check it!


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