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Violet is slowly learning to write her letters. Very slowly.

For some reason, it's taken Violet a long time to say "Gommy" (her name for my mom), so it was fun to catch this on video. But the truly entertaining part is that she is so used to people saying "Look, it's you!" when they show her a photo of herself, that it led to what you see here.

Well, about 50% of our mealtimes have turned into battles. Sometimes they dissipate pretty quickly, and other times they turn into writhing temper tantrums. I gotta take a stand though. It might seem mean to people who don't get it, but you have to just put a meal in front of a toddler and tell them they can eat that, or they can eat nothing. Otherwise they turn you into their meal-making slave. And, as her pediatrician has said, she's not going to starve herself.

But luckily there was no problem with this meal. A PB sandwich and some cheese are always a hit.

Violet gets inspired to do some new moves.

Other than the 30 seconds when I have to rinse the shampoo out of her hair, V loves her bath time.

And Mom and Dad love checking in on Violet right before we go to bed. The day could have been exhausting (and let's face it, kind of horrible at times), but she always turns into this sweet little angel while she's asleep.

Still working on those letters. Great coloring though!


just mom October 2, 2012 at 11:20 AM  

I absolutely love that first video! I watch it over and over. ♥

And I'm so impressed with how Violet writes over just each letter. Such a smartie. :)

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