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I've got a quantity of random pix for ya (teeheehee). This one is from my best Scrabble play evarrrrr. 239 points, dudes! (It's on my Kindle- You can see the point value on the left side, which hasn't been added to my total score yet. Just wanted to make sure we are clear. AKA BEST TURN EVARRRR)

Um, Mike and I were driving and there was a forest fire. Like for a mile. And the other side of the freeway was closed down. It was kinda crazy.

Shmushie face!


Mike and I have this game that's pretty much pictionary for Legos. Obviously this is a rainbow.

Crab! Created by Andrew.

And then I made a nerd.

Violet got a special visit from her great grandma! She was a lil shy and squirmy.

Home Depot trip!

I am delightfully showing off a Bible coloring book I got for Violet from the dollar store. Why yes that is the devil. Put that one on the fridge.

Speaking of coloring, this is apparently the best Violet can do when it comes to scheming.

I can only imagine what dark and twisted plans this little mastermind is dreaming up.

Violet learns a new song!


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