Time to clean out the fridge* and eat all the leftovers**!

*Photo folder.
**Single pix/vidz that I don't wanna make into a full blog post.

Sicky Violet needs to get comfy with Mommy.

Sweet, adorable little V learns to say "thank you". I remember before she could talk I always wondered what her voice would sound like. It's so precious.

This year I've really upped the family dinners around here. Zooey is a little confused by the word "family". Also, we are rabbits.

Taking ol' Sandy for a ride has become a grocery shopping tradition.

Okay, let me first just say that since becoming a parent, I have totally changed how I react to what I always judged as "bad parenting" in public situations. Y'all just never know what's really going on. However, I feel like it is safe to say that if you buy this sweatshirt for your son (yes, it is found in the young boy's department at Meijer), you probably have some slight major parenting issues.

She was actually having fun, I promise.


Okay, I know you're thinking COOL IT with the legos alreadyyyy. But this was just so great... Mike made a person getting beamed up by a UFO.

Game night continued with a rousing game of Junta, in which you take turns being the dictator- complete with sunglasses (yes they are included with the game).

We all took turns making the same awesome ridiculous face when we were ruling the land.

Everyone was into it (except Mike, who refused like a lame-o).

Turns out McLaine is smitten with a man who makes a great duck face.

Violet loves her board games too. This is the very first one we got for her. She's so cute rolling the dice and making swishhhh sounds while flying the planes.

Everyone helps out on laundry day. "Helping" can mean modeling the clothes too.

Btw, my daily posting streak continues. You're welcome!


McLaine September 22, 2012 at 11:33 AM  

I look like a member of the mob.

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