pool partaay

Our neighborhood had its annual end-of-summer pool party. I'm lovin the wee bit o chub on Violet's little thighs, by the way. Anyway, if you're wondering why Violet has this look on her face, please see the following:

It turns out that Scout the Safety Dog was a little bit scary. We did get a Scout coloring book though that had a few of the most important safety tips like "don't use a cell phone while you are skateboarding".


Violet ate her first hot dog, to the horror of horse hooves and pig innards everywhere.

Some guys in the neighborhood have a 50's-ish era cover band, so they played some tunes while we swam.

Violet was gracefully poised on her favorite chair.

I could swim all the time when it's warm enough. Also, right after Mike took this photo I was gesturing at Violet and Mike didn't get it...

But then he took a slightly closer look and saw that she was unintentionally squirming her bathing suit right off.

And on our way out we couldn't resist the bouncy house! The blurriness of the photo was unavoidable, due to high levels of bounciness.

Pool funz were had all around!


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