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On a recent chilly morning, Mike and Violet were leaving the house and for some reason Violet insisted on wearing a hat. She kept pointing to her head saying "HAT HAT", so Mike scrounged up one. Silly girl, doesn't she know it's not even quite fall yet? Maybe she's excited for her birthday so she wants time to speed up.

Later they headed over to the playground in one of the courtyards in our neighborhood. Violet decided this was the day she was going to climb up and go down the slide all by herself.

She even made a game out of it- She would put piles of pebbles at the end of the slide so she'd knock them off as she slid down.

She just keeps growing! Unfortunately...


Mike H. September 13, 2012 at 3:53 PM  

It should also be noted that she put those shoes on herself (notice in the slide photos how she forgot socks)

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