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We took a little trip down the street to the nearby Cobblestone Farm. This summer they're started up a new weekly farmer's market on Tuesdays.

It's just still in its early stages, so there are only a handful of vendors, but I found some decent veggies there.

They've got entertainment too. We all took a break and sat and listened to this guy playing guitar. He actually played "Help I'm Alive" by Metric, which was kinda random among all the Beatles & other acousticy songs. There was a magician and later on a drum circle too.

A woman had a bunch of different fresh breads she had just baked that morning. You know Mike was all over the 50 cent pretzel rolls.

Violet had some too... after Mom dusted off some of the salt.

We packed up our haul and headed across the lawn to see what else was around.

Like these animals! I tell ya, Violet is better at saying the animal sounds rather than the names. She thinks what she sees is called a "neigh" and a "baa" and a "moo".

There were things for the kids to bang on, which I've found is the essence of any great toy.

We're just soaking up these summer early evenings as long as they last.


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