last but not least

Today is the end of an era. After four and a half years, it's Mike's last day at Pine Valley. He's done such an amazing job. The residents there love him.

Seriously, when have you lived in an apartment building where they threw a goodbye party for someone in the management and the residents were invited? ...And actually wanted to come? He received gifts and hugs and saw a few teary eyes from people who live there who have enjoyed having him working in the office, always ready to help them. I'm so proud of him for how amazing he has done at that job :)

Unfortunately for the residents, there will soon be another face greeting them when they walk in.

Better get on with the hiring process! A decent candidate came in to interview.

She wasn't super organized.

But the cuddling skills were top notch.

In the end, she was a little too distracted to do the job.

But we decided to take her home with us anyway.

Congratulations, Mike, on a job well done! The next chapter starts right away- Monday is his first day at Citigroup!


Anonymous September 28, 2012 at 2:48 PM  

the ponytaiiiiiiiiiil!

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