garden check in

Let's take a look around the garden! The morning glories are in full bloom. I love the vibrant purple- I think next year I'll plan my garden more around purply and pink colors.

A friendly neighbor once saw me gardening and offered me some extra canna bulbs from her garden. I wasn't sure what exactly they would look like, but these red blooms were a nice surprise.

The large leaves are pretty too.

It's fun when the bushes (the condo landscaping put these in) start to get all flowery.

Now onto the veggies! My sickly looking pepper plants actually seem to be yielding a few peppers. I'm going to pick them the next time we grill chicken kabobs.

I sowed my autumn spinach and it's coming along nicely.

I can't believe the marigolds have lasted for months. And why yes those tall spindly plants are the lettuce. It still yields an unappetizing leaf here and there, but mostly I am amused by it. I kinda just want to play this out and see how big it grows. There are legit mini-dandelion-esque flowers on top now. Some have even turned to tiny white puffs like a dandelion would.

Part two coming tomorrow!


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