garden check in, pt 2

The tour outside the house continues! I don't remember the name of this one, but it's a low ground cover plant that occasionally has these tiny cute flowers sprout up.

These papery blooms slowly die throughout the late day. I can't remember if these are morning glories or moonflowers (I think the former though- I have some non-purple ones here and there).

Some creeping morning glories wrap around the lovely "pink diamond" hydrangea tree, as it's apparently called. The flowers have been slowly fading from gleaming white to a deeper and deeper pink.

You know I'm loving the morning glories' heart-shaped leaves.

The very last sunflower has bloomed. This is from a seed that I sowed directly in the ground. It received a lot less light than the 9 & 10 foot behemoths. It only made it up to about 4 feet tall.

Meanwhile, the rest crumble and get their seeds pecked out by birds and stolen by squirrels. Side note: this is one of my favorite (non-Violet) photos that I've ever taken

Beautiful vibrant sunset through the wires.

I love my yard... (that I happen to share with dozens of other people).

Sorry... I feel like my text was extra boring. I can't be ON all the time I guess...


just mom September 15, 2012 at 11:37 AM  

Not boring at all! I MUST learn to be more observant when I come over. You have such beautiful flowers!

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