friday fun

Me & V are used to hanging during the day just the two of us, but last Friday Mike had the day off work so we all spent time together. It was great to have a little break from taking care of her on my own. There were times I actually went to the bathroom by myself!

We went to the library playgroup and unexpectedly ran into a couple friends. And ran into some new friends too.

I was referring to people friends, but this monkey made an impression on Violet too. I tell ya, Mike seriously missed his calling as a puppeteer.

The storybook lady (not to be confused with the- I love this- accordion playing lady) gave out hand stamps.

Then we had a gift card to Panera so we went there for a yummy lunch. Violet was adament about having her own little drink.

Then it was time for a family walk. Plenty of dogs and planes were pointed out.

Nothing like a day of quality fun time together that's also completely free!


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