Last Saturday we took a family trip to the Calder Dairy. It's about 35 minutes from Ann Arbor. Mike and I had been there together once before pre-Violet (funny story: it was the day they were draining their huge septic tank, so take the typical cow smell and then add something disgusting 10x worse on top of that), but we had to take Violet so she could meet all these famous creatures she's been reading about.

Before we walked all around, we ate our packed lunch. I'm loving Violet's Goodbyn lunch box, by the way. It's so great for traveling with food.

Turns out it's not easy to pay attention to lunch when "Zooey" appears.

Unless she joins us, of course.

Long-lost twin, perhaps?

I sincerely apologize if we made this cat barf later. She kinda ate a decent amount of Violet's peanut butter sandwich scraps and cheese.

Mmk, onto the animals we came to see! There was a very recent baby donkey born at the farm, so it was fun to see the little guy.

Speaking of babies GAHHHHHH THIS BABY HORSE IS ADORBZ. He even was wobbly on his little knobby knees!

Violet just loved the bunnies.

Violet did a good job counting them all: "ONE... TWO... ONE... TWO..." She does her best.

Violet and a sheep form a special bond.

Part 2 of dairy farm adventures to come!


demoreeann September 24, 2012 at 12:19 PM  

heee! that ponytail is too cute.

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