cool kids

Tavi Gevinson.

This one is like duh. I have posted photos of her before, but she is truly awesome. She's 15, for starters, and (at 14) started a successful online magazine (, in addition to the fashion blog ( that she's had going since she was 12. She's been going to shows at NY Fashion Week for a few years, now that she's known in that world. And she is obsessed with awesome things like Freaks & Geeks and The Virgin Suicides and The Royal Tennenbaums and making flower crowns and 90's mix tapes and not being afraid to dress weird and it still looks pretty and just being teenagery and funny and very cool.

Maude Apatow.

You know the last name- she's Judd Apatow's 14 year old daughter. And she's also really funny and teenagery and cool and her dad was the exec producer of Freaks & Geeks and ok obviously there is a pattern here.


Christina Grimmie.

You gotta love these Youtube stars. It just ain't what it used to be when I was a kid. Now you can live in a random town a million miles from the places where you can really "make it", but still "make it" by getting lots of people to listen to your skills online.

I love the whole "I rearranged this on my keyboard myself and I am in my bedroom with my Sonic poster and photos of friends in the background". She just has a really strong pretty voice for someone so young.

Elle Fanning.

I include her mostly because she was snagged by Sofia Coppola to be in her dreamy (would you expect anything less?) film Somewhere (okay, a pattern here again... I already mentioned Sofia's The Virgin Suicides). But she's not just a pretty face in a famous family- cough cough Dakota- her understated acting is really lovely. This is really quietly beautiful movie. Side note: those may be the most amazing glasses I have seen in my life.

The Bleubird kids.

So um obviously this photo speaks for itself. Was there ever a more perfectly hipstery family in all of existence? I recently read an article about how lifestyle blogs are turning into these things that women read and then feel bad about themselves because they can't live up to the seemingly "perfect life" the blogger leads. Well, that's EXACTLY what this blog is like! (For proof: the blog) Everyone always looks like they are wearing designer clothing, they all eat super healthy (of course the kids & baby all eat lots of kale & rhubarb with no complaints!), they are homeschooled in a really creative way that involves going to museums and making quaint little watercolor paintings of plants and listening to records, and their home looks like Etsy in physical form. Oh and duh, the mom is a model & owns a vintage shop & births her children at home, who have never ever been vaccinated and have never gotten sick in their lives. But beyond that (which of course is not the whole picture), the family really loves each other and the kids seem super fun and really smart.

Violet Melody.

Duh. I mean, she's cool even when I do things like make her wear clothes that are too small and therefore make her look like she has no neck:

Hey, just trying to get my money's worth. This cost a whole 90 cents at Value World!

Thanks for reading! I think you're cool too.


Mike H. September 26, 2012 at 12:07 AM  

the need to vaccinate those kids

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