arb eve

Mike was hired to take some family photos in the Arb, so Violet and I tagged along and had a little picnic. I brought all the leftover macaroni, because let me just say that you do NOT wanna be stuck with too little macaroni with this little voracious mouth around.

Violet loves pointing out planes. I've realized how desensitized I am to the sound because she always notices and then I'm like oh yeah there it is... huh.

Miss Macaroni was quite busy, so it was lovely to be able to lie back on the blanket and not have to chase anyone around.

Fork: unnecessary.

I've learned not to take the green for granted. No rain has meant crunchy brown grass for a lot of the summer.

"V can I have a kiss?"

Success :)

Then it was time for me to chow down. Getting a chance to use our picnic basket was fun too.

Despite all the pix of V eating hotdogs, french fries & Frosties, I assure you she does eat healthy most of the time! Those all were noteworthy one-time occasions. (PS: Isn't it dumb how afraid one can feel about people judging your parenting? Dumb indeed)

Arb part 2 featuring fun with Daddy coming very soon!


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