afternoon date

Me & the V get to spend quite a bit of time together... You know, since I'm her mom and all. I try to plan fun outings for us so she has fun and meets other kids and I don't go out of my mind. By the way, these are all taken with my phone, so if they seem jank quality, blame it on my jank phone.

We stopped by the 0-2 year old playgroup at the library (seriously, I love the Ann Arbor District Library), where they have story time and song time and then play with fun stuff time. Violet jingled her bells to the music and crawled through a tube.

We ate lunch there in the cafe area. Mom mistake: clementines. They are NOT a good food on the go unless you've got a change of clothes and lotssss of wet wipes. So much sticky wetness...

Then we headed over to the Diag where Violet charmed the pants off everyone walking by. Let me tell you, all those pantsless people made for an awkward time. She also chased squirrels.

And chased me around a tree too. That guy in the background hadn't seen her yet, hence the pants.

We took a stroll by the art museum.

Violet's favorite piece of art is the big window. It's a very avant garde installation. You wouldn't understand it.

Then we packed it up and headed home. The goal of these excursions is tiring her out so she takes a nice long nap. Oh, and having fun and bonding too, I guess :)


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