yellows & greens

Time for yet another trip outside to the garden! Almost all the sunflowers are in full swing. We gotta a lotta yellow going on about 10 feet off the ground.

And I harvested the Spanish onions too. PS: Our lettuce is still going, which is pretty amazing if you know anything about growing lettuce.

I also picked some purslane to eat rather than toss... It's a weed, but I was informed by my friend Meghan that it's a super healthy food. Who knew? Turns out it tastes kinda like spinach. But I gotta say it's kinda annoying because getting those tiny leaves off is quite a chore.

So okay, I was looking up at the sunflowers and I was like what is that green thingie?

Turns out a praying mantis wanted to hang out here for awhile. Since he was on the tallest flower, it was a feat to get these shots. I had Mike's zoom lens, but the wind was blowing and moving the flower all around. I had to snap a ton to make sure I had some in focus.

And it wasn't until after I looked at the pics that I saw he was eating a bee.


Who knows what other visitors will be coming by?

Speaking of things that live in or around our home, our feisty feline's birthday is today. Yes, Zooey is a whopping SEVEN years old (aka about 46 in human years). Where does the time go...?


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