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Most of these pix are compliments of Gommy & Poppy. I tell ya, everyone takes this little one out on adventures. It's hard not to get behind my events on the blogginz. In case anyone is experiencing Violet overload this summer, first of all congratulations. It's a great thing. But secondly, be assured that the colder weather to come will probably mean we'll slow down the activities a bit... and in turn the photography.

But for now, I hope you can enjoy Karenincolor, or "what Violet did on her summer vacation", as it should temporarily be called.

It's Violet's first band! They call themselves Violet & the Kitties, and they solely play the harmonica. The same harmonica, in fact. Maybe also some singing as well.


c August 22, 2012 at 6:10 PM  

yay! she's smiling while wearing the helmet!

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