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So after a viewing of the documentary Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story, Mike and I realized that, although we play all kinds of nerdy (sometimes lengthy) games, we hadn't played a regular ol' game of Monopoly in years. So I asked my parents if we could borrow the old copy from the closet at their place.

So we busted out the dollaz and hit the mean streets of Monopoly city.

Somehow this happened to me, and my evil plan went into effect...


Well, you can see how that turned out for Mike, MWAAHAHAHAHA.

Uh, yeah... He used this as his playing piece.

I wasn't threatened though. I cleaned up nicely... He was bankrupt in about an hour.

Epilogue: What does this card really mean? Perhaps Mr. Moneybags was the DJ at said wedding and didn't get paid because the bride and groom were offended that he did not play the song "Cha Cha Slide"... And this was worth withholding $25 from DJ Moneybagz. I don't really think there is any other possible interpretation.


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