dolled up

So you guys might not know that Violet is quite the little makeup artist.

She's so inside the biz that she gets to try out new products, such as the new Cover Girl foundation & cell phone combo, called the FoundaFone.

Ok, back to Violet's best tips. First you're going to want to put a lot, like a LOT, of powder all over your face.

Then you'll get some nice cheekbone definition if you line them heavily with mascara.

Then use a brush to get the excess blush of another brush.

And apply as needed.

For more tips, including the daring "cover the lower half of your face with lavender eyeshadow" look, please watch Violet's makeup tutorial.

She's available for special events- please comment for booking info.


just mom August 4, 2012 at 9:36 PM  

That video is SOOOOO cute. :)
She loves watching me put on make-up too and especially loves the eyelash curler...haha!

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