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Just thought I'd start on my Christmas list for my pretend super rich great uncle... or grandmother... or random person who writes me in their will and then dies but it's ok because they lived a long life and they didn't suffer much and they stipulated that I spend the money on something fun for myself rather than a mortgage payment or college fund for Violet. Of course.

peachy dress, yellow handbag, and retro mug by Orla Kiely

heartsy Toms

white and pink heart bathing suit by Wildfox Couture

cutie little-girl-sized bags by Gussy Sews (for V of course)

adorable Hello Kitty train clock by Sanrio (also for V)

awesome leggings by Black Milk Clothing

umm ok these last judgment leggings are seriously the bomb. LOVVVVVVVE.

And while I'm purchasing all of these things I cannot afford, let's throw in a vintage Blythe doll. Made in the 70s-ish era, they're only available via places like Etsy or Ebay or if you win the ultimate lottery of garage sales in which someone doesn't know the treasure they have and are selling it for 75 cents.

Ok, get to it! Christmas is only four months and two days away...


c August 23, 2012 at 4:53 AM  

Definitely get the hello kitty clock so V can learn to read it as a youngin'... because as we know sometimes these younger folks don't learn to read clocks because they never had to...

c August 23, 2012 at 4:54 AM  

(I'm talking about Brad!)

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