last days

Today marks the last day of the last month of summer vacation. Honestly at times it's been unusually hot (to a miserable level), but winter is coming and there's a lot I'll miss about this time of year.

warm evenings at the park...

this adorable bonnet on my little girl's head as she runs around in the sunshine...

flowers fresh picked from the garden...

or still growing there for Zooey to see...

swimming like fish in the neighborhood pool...

seeing these cute little arms all the time instead of covered by cozy sweater sleeves...

same goes for these little legs with skinned knees...

this outfit... oh my goodness this outfit... it's my favorite & it pains me that she is growing as I speak and will not fit into it next year...

and, of course, family walks at 8:00 in the evening when the summer sun is just starting to hang low in the sky.

Goodbye summer... We've enjoyed you to the full. The beauty of living in Michigan is the truly seasonness of the seasons. And coming soon is fall, my beautiful autumn. Can't wait!

my little pony

Well we already passed the pigtails milestone, so next up was the legit pony tail. Isn't she just a cutie? I tell ya, her hair keeps growing and she keeps growing and my little baby is now a little girl...

My little beauty.


So when you think of dream catchers, an image like this may come to mind... Around the early 2000's you couldn't throw a candy colored bulbous iMac without hitting a pair of dream catcher earrings.

Well I had hopes that I could replace that image with something a little closer to this one- you know, pretty in a rustic-cozy-home-near-the-southern-border kind of way. So I headed over to the "make your own dream catcher" event at the Ann Arbor Public Library. Materials included and everything! Gotta cash in on my tax dollaz, yo.

Apparently all these ladies and one hippie dude had the same thought.

The hoop part is a grape vine branch. The twine weaving looks way easier than it is. It's hard not to get it all twisty and tangled. And it's gotta be jusssst the right looseness when you wrap it around.

I snatched up some good materials. Luckily there wasn't a ton of competition for the more natural looking feathers... The girls mostly wanted neon colors.

Mmk, back to the weaving. I made a little mistake and didn't feel like correcting it, so I kinda improvised. I think it looks cool anyway. You can add some beads in there for a little color.

I finally finished! Next came adding all the little finishing touches like this little feather in the middle.

And of course the hangy things.

As I always say when I don't want Violet to eat any more of an unhealthy thing so I hide it: ALL DONE. I think it looks cool.

Annnnd I couldn't decide which pic I liked better, so you get both. I love it. Way to go, library!

the real deal

Ok, so this time of year is especially especially crazy busy at work, so I am a wee bit behind on my photo editing. Also I'm a wee bit strapped for patience and peace and am quite prone to feeling all kinds of negative things. Which is just dumb. So please enjoy something that always makes me laugh every time I watch it.

I found an Elmo puppet at a garage sale, so we got to introduce Violet to the real Elmo after she woke up from a nap.

I don't know who was enjoying this more, Violet or us.

sometimes happy photos make you sad

I want (another) one. So bad. But we seem to have to be patient for now.

rock it out

Mike loves to bust out Rock Band on the Wii with Violet. It normally happens when I need some alone time, but the problem is I am so entertained by it that I normally end up watching and snapping some quick pics & video of them. I just love these two.

Gotta bust out that star power.

And then it's time to really belt it out.

Violet thanks her fans all the way up in the cheap seats.


They always end a solid set with a high five!

Tour dates to be announced soon. For now, you can catch them in the hot new venue The Living Room. Doors open at the end of nap time.

more bunches of randomz

I implore you to enjoy yet another round of random Violet pics & vids...

One of our fav games in the yard is peekaboo around the pine trees.

Violet is such good buds with Zooey that she even nuzzles her like a kitty cat.

Grocery shopping for the fam

Me & V bounce around a Poang, which is pretty much the best Ikea chair ever.

Those ducks think they wanna be fed, but little Violet has a powerful arm...

first Frosty!

Please enjoy a lovely song from my favorite little girl.

miss sunshine

My little Miss Sunshine lights up everywhere she goes.

my name is karen

and here you will find things that i make and see.

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