So a couple months ago we decided to cash in our vacation days. We wanted to do something on the east coast- maybe Washington, DC or a road trip near Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Vermont. However, we kinda didn't want to spend the gas money to drive out that far, and we didn't want to have to stay more nights than we could afford (see a pattern here?)... so I just looked at the US map and picked West Virginia. Moutainy enough to feel far away, close enough to be a reasonable drive. And I already mentioned how we were able to stop in the lovely Pittsburgh on the way.

We were looking for places to camp and I stumbled across the Seneca Rocks area. HAHA GET IT? I STUMBLED? Across the ROCKS? Oh, I'm just killin it.

Here, this really clears up where it is exactly.

And I found this place called "Yokum's Vacationland" where you could rent a teepee. So duh we had to go there because it sounded ridiculously cheesy and fun and like a place the Griswolds would attempt to visit.

It was very close to what a real Native American reservation would look like, as you can see here. Apparently this village is inhabited by people from India.

In modern days they put a door and window in their teepees. Gotta keep up with the times.

A lot of symbolism here, I tell ya.

There was a tropical beach nearby, which was nice.

Pro tip: Don't forget a utensil that is actually made to flip pancakes. A plastic fork + hot pan = bad.

"It looks like a Ford commercial." -Mike

Seriously though, it was super pretty, and amazingly this was the view from our teepee. Stay tuned for our hike up the rocks!


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