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We went to Charlevoix recently because Mike's dance troupe had a HUGE performance. Or now that I think about it, maybe it was that he was a groomsman in his good friend Foss's wedding. You may be wondering why Mike and Foss and his sister are dancing together. Well, upon arrival on Friday (the day before the wedding, mind you), he was informed that the groomsmen would be performing a choreographed routine set to the entirety of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem".

So yeah. That was extremely entertaining to watch, obviously.

Mike and the dudes had weddingy stuff to do, so I hit the town. There was an art fair and other up northy Michigan stuff.

I took a pic of the best art.

I forgot my sunglasses, so I borrowed some... Turns out they were prescription and made everything look farther away and convex-looking. As if I don't trip over things enough.... Oh, man I looked like such a nerd trying to walk down the warped-looking street. But it was just so bright!

Ya got that right.

Here's Mike and me lookin spiffy at the wedding rehearsal. We were kinda late because Mike and I got into this totally sitcom situation. We stayed at a beach house with the other groomsmen/wife. Mike and I were getting ready in our room, and when we tried to open the door, the knob turned around loosely like it wasn't connected to anything... Yet the door was latched. So we seriously were stuck in there forever. The other people in the house tracked down some tools and took the knob off, but even after that it was still latched shut. It took a lotttt of effort to get that thing open. We seriously got to the point where we considered breaking the door down or finding a ladder so we could climb out the second story window.

Some rehearsal dinner yumz.

Here I am in my prime seat with my old pink lacy wedding shoes! I tell ya, I get tons of use outta these things.

Mah hawt man.

'Twas perfect weather for being outdoors in a courtyard- cloudy in the 70's- and 'twas a lovely castle wedding.

And there were chocolate-covered pretzels at the reception, so you know that Mike was super happy.

I like to think that a photo booth picture always has the potential to be a great comic strip. I call this "Mike's a Lifesaver!"*

*I know the photo's tiny, but imagine I am eating a lifesaver candy. HAHAHAHA GET IT

Also, check out the groomsmen's dance here!


Anne July 13, 2012 at 10:17 AM  

hilarious picture!! oh mike and karen, so funny

Rachel Dull July 15, 2012 at 9:05 PM  

1.) Looks like a beautiful wedding! 2.) I can't believe you got stuck in your room! 3.) Fabulous idea for a photo booth photo shoot! 4.) The groomsmen dance is adorable! I love that the groom owned it.

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